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Bravo Latin


The Bravo Band came together in 2001, it was formed by George Carrasco in the San Jose California area.....
Bravo Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Candela Latin


Candela has two related meanings in Spanish, candle and fire. In the old days.....
Candela Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Carlos Herrera Latin

Carlos Herrera

Carlos Herrera Band. World and Latin Music. A blending of local muscians from Sonoma County, Costa Rica and Havana Cuba.....
:: Latin ::
Carmen Milagro Latin

Carmen Milagro

Carmen Milagro’s performances are certainly not those of your typical Salsa or Latin rock bands. Instead Ms. Milagro has invoked a musical style that is sophisticated and warm yet, at times, edgy and sensual.....
:: Latin ::
Corcovado Latin


Charles " Carlos" Barreda" Keyboardist, Vibraphonist - Marimbist, Drummer - Percussionist,
Arranger and Composer Charles Barreda is a man totally dedicated to his art.....
:: Latin ::
Daniel Maya Latin

Daniel Maya

Daniel Maya is known for his unique brand of pulsating, energetic music, best described as "Acoustic Groove." .....

Daniel Maya Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
David Correa & Cascada Latin

David Correa & Cascada

The new studio album "Incidents of Travel" from David Correa and Cascada is now available and has emerged as one of the finest.....
David Correa & Cascada Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Dr Locos Rockin Jalepeno Band Latin

Dr Locos Rockin Jalepeno Band

Since 1989, Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalape񯠂and has been playing a rich melange of mestizo and mulatto styles in celebration of the diverse origins of their Mexican-American .....
Dr Locos Rockin Jalepeno Band Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
El Vucko Latin

El Vucko

Features Cuban music reminiscent of Buena Vista Social Club. El Vucko features the vocal styling of Valerie Queveda.
El Vucko Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Eric Luis Jarmie Latin

Eric Luis Jarmie

After receiving a B.A. in music from UCSC in 1985, Eric "Luis" Jarmie has since devoted his studies to the art of the flamenco guitar. After working for some time primarily .....
Eric Luis Jarmie Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Flamenco Vivo Latin

Flamenco Vivo

¡Flamenco Vivo! coordinated by guitarist David Gutierrez, is a collaboration of some of the most talented and dedicated dancers, singers and guitarists representing the finest .....
:: Latin ::
Generation Esmerelda Latin

Generation Esmerelda

American musician/vocalist Jimmy Goings recorded six of the group’s seven studio albums, permanently replacing American singer/saxophone player Leroy Gomez, who was used as lead vocalist for the first album titled “Santa Esmeralda”.....
:: Latin ::
Guitarras Y Congas Latin

Guitarras Y Congas

Martin Cohen leads the popular group "Guitarras y Congas". "Guitarras y Congas" includes classical musicians from the San Francisco.....
Guitarras Y Congas Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Juan Escovedo Latin

Juan Escovedo

Juan Escovedo's has collaborated with ten other distinguished musicians to create Juan Escovedo's.....
:: Latin ::
Julio Bravo Y Su Orquesta Salsabor Latin

Julio Bravo Y Su Orquesta Salsabor

Celebrating their 17th anniversary, Julio Bravo's group of dynamic musicians have created a flavor all their own. Beyond the talent of each individual member.....
Julio Bravo Y Su Orquesta Salsabor Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Kaweh Latin


Kaweh is a local artist in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. His music can be best described as World Jazz Nuevo Flamenco with a touch of Latin, Brazilian, Mediterranean.....
Kaweh Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Latin Perspectives Latin

Latin Perspectives

The Latin Perspective is a professional and highly skilled group specializing in Latin Jazz.....
Latin Perspectives Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Los Boleros Latin

Los Boleros

With over a hundred weddings under our belt, Los Boleros is the
San Francisco Premier Latin Band, Wedding Music, ceremony
music, reception music and Corporate event band.....
:: Latin ::
Malo Latin


"Malo is back, ringing that hot, driving, wailing Latin Funk n' Roll home to The City where it and most of the band members were born! Today, the Malo sound is just as memorable, but .....
Malo Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Mariachi Ortega Latin

Mariachi Ortega

Mariachi Ortega performs for both Hispanic and American audiences and have earned a reputation for one of the most requested strolling Maraichi Bands in the Bay Area. Mariachi Ortega.....
Mariachi Ortega Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Mike Torres Band Latin

Mike Torres Band

The Mike Torres Band (MTB) stands out as one of the most popular Latino show bands in Northern California today.....
:: Latin ::
More Than Red Latin

More Than Red

With a mission of giving audiences a musical show that reaches beyond mere romance and love, experience the passion of the sensual vocals and the exotic world rhythms.....
:: Latin ::
Orquesta d'Soul Latin

Orquesta d'Soul

Orquesta d'Soul spiced up a lovely summer evening in Menlo Park. The band is solid and smooth and infectiously fun. Even playing on the unlikely stage.....
Orquesta d'Soul Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Orquesta Gitano Latin

Orquesta Gitano

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA is blessed with many Latin-influenced musical ensembles. Too many of the bands play it safe.....
:: Latin ::
Pachamama-Band Latin


A principal performer of the Pachamama Latin Band is Cuban singer and musician Felix "Fito” Reinoso.

At a very young age, Fito began playing tres guitar.....

:: Latin ::
Pete Escovedo Latin

Pete Escovedo

The Pete Escovedo Orchestra is a thirteen member organization that produces a unique and powerful sound, combining a mixture of contemporary Latin, jazz, soul, and .....
:: Latin ::
RhythmEvolution Latin


This RhythmEvolution live music band led by internationally renowned Percussionist Daniel de los Reyes (Earth, Wind & Fire, Peter Frampton, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Ricky Martin, etc.....
:: Latin ::
Sergio Caputo Latin

Sergio Caputo

the California Bay Area, spans over 2 decades and began in Europe with the overnight success of his first LP released in 1983.....
Sergio Caputo Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Sol Flamenco Latin

Sol Flamenco

Sol Flamenco is a Santa Rosa based dance group offering exciting, dramatic, energy-packed presentations tailored to your event.....
:: Latin ::
Tito Garcia Y Su Orquesta Internacional Latin

Tito Garcia Y Su Orquesta Internacional

Ernesto "Tito" Garcia has been playing music professionally since 1971. During these last 20 or so years he has experienced the incredible and thoroughly inspiring.....
Tito Garcia Y Su Orquesta Internacional Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::
Tocar Latin


Daniel Maya is known for his unique brand of pulsating, energetic music, best described as "Acoustic Groove.".....
:: Latin ::
Voz do Brasil Latin

Voz do Brasil

Voz do Brasil is a group whose musical roots are Brazilian, jazz and pop filtered through the rhythms of Brazil, Africa, Central America and Europe. They are dedicated to adopting .....
Voz do Brasil Latin Streaming Media
:: Latin ::

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