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Piano Madness

Piano Madness - Solo Duo
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The Piano Madness Show consists of two versatile entertainers playing pianos and singing songs that everyone knows by heart.

Their personalities, comical antics, and uncanny dynamic piano playing will charm an audience to embrace Piano Madness as their favorite show in town.

This sing-along, dueling piano show is an event-planner?s dream. J.C. Rockit and Alejandro can entertain any type of audience.

Corporate events that are catered will usually call for a softer dinner background format to allow the guests to mingle. J.C. and Alejandro are very sensitive to the needs of the audience and the event coordinator. When the time is right, it?s show time.

J.C. Rockit and Alejandro take you through the spectrum of music. This is not your average sing-along piano format.

The Piano Madness Show mixes singing with a wide array of dances, theater, and comedy that gets people excited. At times it feels like you?re at a sporting event rooting for your favorite team as J.C. and Alejandro try and outdo each other.

They have a very large repertoire of thousands of songs and comedy bits to keep people of all ages and walks of life entertained.

The audience becomes part of the show which creates a performance that is unique and spontaneous. There is never a dull moment.

J.C. Rockit and Alejandro joined forces when they met in December of 1991 to develop Piano Madness. Over the years they have entertained thousands upon thousands of people.

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, January 28, 2011
Reviewer: Robin Moore (sacramento, CA)
We stumbled on the best night we have had in years: Looking to find a after work cocktail (aka Beer and nuts) we went to the stoney Inn on Del Paso . To our surprise two piano players were there performing county ,classic rock,show tunes and Elton john, Bennie and the jets, and sir mix a lots "baby Got Back"...we were only going for a few minutes but thanks to these guys closed the place down singing and dancing along with the other patrons. WOW!!!!



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