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Book Greek Music For Your Special Occasion

FOTIA - World Music
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1. Zeimbekiko tis EvdokiasListen Book Greek Music For Your Special Occasion - Zeimbekiko tis Evdokias
2. Hasaposerviko PapaioannouListen Book Greek Music For Your Special Occasion - Hasaposerviko Papaioannou
3. Psila Ta Parathiria SouListen Book Greek Music For Your Special Occasion - Psila Ta Parathiria Sou

Greek Music For Your Special Occasion!

FOTIA, a band based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializes in performing Greek Music of all styles. FOTIA has thrilled audiences at Greek Festivals throughout California, in addition to performing at numerous Greek functions and private affairs. The band is comprised of musicians Michael Kutulas, George Psarras, Paul Psarras, Anthony Catchatoorian and singer, Olympia.

The instrumentation consists of the guitar, keyboards, percussion and the national stringed instrument of Greece, the bouzouki. The bouzouki can best be described as a lute-type instrument with a round body and a long neck. It is strung with three or four courses of double strings, much like a mandolin. In addition, FOTIA also features the tzoura and the baglama, which are two smaller versions of the bouzouki.

FOTIA embraces a number of different Greek musical styles in their repertory. They play the traditional folk music from Greece's mainland and islands. FOTIA delivers authentic performances of Rembetika...and FOTIA also plays a good selection of modern, popular Greek music, known as Laika.

Olympia, FOTIA's featured vocalist, originally hails from Athens. She has performed professionally in Greek Night Clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Las Vegas. Olympia has a sultry voice that is full of emotion and she sings the traditional songs as well as modern tunes with equal intensity.

Michael Kutulas has delighted audiences with his bouzouki mastery in Greek Clubs throughout California and in Las Vegas. Greek music is his passion and he gives a full demonstration of the breadth and beauty of the bouzouki when he plays. Michael also sings and performs on the tzoura, the baglama and keyboards.

Anthony Catchatoorian is a fiery showman on both the bouzouki and baglama. Anthony also adds the exciting pulse to FOTIA's music with his exceptional skills on middle-eastern percussion instruments.

George Psarras adds textures and colors with his keyboards. George's sonic artistry can take you to the far mountains of Greece and then bring you right into the most modern disco club of Athens. George also sings and performs on clarinet.

And finally, FOTIA is rooted with the guitar and vocal stylings of Paul Psarras. Paul's rich and vibrant guitar lays down the rhythm for the band and Paul is one of the finest young vocalists in Greek music today.

FOTIA is currently recording their first CD Album, which will be released by Greece's Alpha label in late 2003.

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