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John Pearson

John Pearson - Walk Arounds
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Hi! My name is John Pearson. I've owned and operated caricature booths at 2 Six Flag amusement parks. Before that I was an animator for 3 years on Disney CDRom games followed by 3 years on the TV Show The Simpsons. John Pearson creates hand-drawn caricatures with pen and paper for many fun and exciting uses. All caricatures are drawn on 80 lb card stock with black markers. While the caricatures that we produce at Familiar Image are not intended to create a "grotesque effect," the word caricature does mean "to exaggerate." While to some this may mean the exaggeration of physical facial features such as a nose, ears or a pair of eyes, the aim of a good caricature is to capture or exaggerate the essence, spirit or the personality of a person, not just the physical features.

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